Moonrock is the street name for crack mixed with heroin. This combination allows users to smoke the two substances simultaneously. Some individuals on the street also refer to the practice as "chasing-the-dragon."


Smoking heroin in conjunction with crack is popular among some individuals because it helps to diminish the severe depression state as well as some of the other adverse physiological and psychological effects associated with crack use.

Most crack users, particularly when they engage in prolonged periods of smoking, experience an intensified crash when the crack effects wear off. In their effort to buffer this experience, crack smokers have used almost every drug in combination with crack. The three most common substances used for this purpose are alcohol, barbiturates, and marijuana. Heroin use in conjunction with crack smoking is another attempt at "beating the crash."

Crack smokers report that heroin seems to be an ideal substance to help mitigate the crack-induced crash. Heroin is a highly effective pain killer and its effects last longer than crack. When crack and heroin are smoked together, they produce a "speedball" effect which results in a more mellow, longer lasting high. Increased use of moonrock (or heroin and crack smoking may contribute substantially to the creation of a new generation of heroin addicts.)


Field researchers have reported that there are several ways to prepare moonrock. The basic difference between these methods is whether the heroin is mixed with the cocaine before or after it has been made into crack.


Moonrock is sold on the streets of New York City, packaged in both glassine bags and vials, and sold for $15.00. Although this drug combination is relatively new, street sources report that it is gaining popularity among some crack users.